Welcome to ShweYing Trading International Our Export Products are Beef Exports, Marin Fish Export, Freshwater Fish Export. Rubber Production and Real Estate. x

Message from Chairman

With over 400 colleagues, MSY is committed to creating value on a long term basis by working with our customers, partners and communities towards shared goals. With its first subsidiary established in 1996, MSY has been a driving force behind Myanmar’s Economy development. MSY appreciates and greatly values the trust, assistance and cooperation of its clients and partners. MSY will continue looking forward to wider collaboration with all its partners and clients mutual understanding, win-win solutions and co-development


1. Myanmar Shwe Ying Int’l Co., Ltd

2.Myanmar Shwe Ying Service Co., Ltd.

3.Tiancheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

4.Myanmar Shwe Ying Trading Co., Ltd.